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Friday, August 18, 2006

Down with the Great Spelling Satan!

You may have heard about the Iranian newspaper which has decided to lash out at the mockers of Mohammed by lampooning the Holocaust. They announced a Holocaust cartoon contest, and now the results are in!

Turns out that the holders of the big! international! prestigious! cartoon contest can't spell "Holocaust":

Admittedly that's not in their native language, but if you're going to make a big fat hairy deal out of something like this, if you're going to give the English star billing over the Persian, the least you could do is run your poster past an English-speaking editor.

And, no, I didn't whip up a fauxto: the same poster shows up in this collection of gallery photos.

(I googled around to see if somehow "Holocust" was the correct spelling in some other language, but to hell with it: "International Cartoon Contest" is in English.)

The cartoons, however, are making themselves scarce. There's a list of participants here, but no links to the cartoons. There's a photo gallery of the judging here, but the cartoons have been blurred or defaced for some unknown reason. (It's possible the judging isn't finalized, or they're waiting to notify the winners.)

This cartoon is featured prominently on the IranCartoon front page, and another is here (spot the Holocaust relevance), but that's all I've been able to find.

Via Ghost of a Flea, who has an extensive post on the subject.