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Friday, July 07, 2006

Foto Friday:Calm

I see that David Fleck is appealing for calm, and reinforcing his plea with a soothing picture. An excellent idea. I've been thinking of posting some of my pictures, and this gives me a good excuse.

And I can do better than any stinky old Iowa pond. Ha ha!

As my first experimental Friday Foto, I offer this serene, calming image: a smoldering volcano.

Mt. St. Helens, Sep. 2005
Mt. St. Helens, Sep. 2005

I started out using Flickr for this, but now I see that you can host photos on BlogSpot. And the template's easier to use.

"Free! Photos in blog posts for free! Go nuts people!" Well, all righty then!

But not too nuts. Remember: caaaaaalm.

UPDATE: By the way, that picture was taken while we were fleeing the cyclone tyranny. Start here, scroll up for more.

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