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Friday, July 28, 2006

Foto Friday: The Satellite that Swings!

In honor of [classified information redacted], I bring you the launch of the Swift gamma ray satellite:

Swift Launch, Nov. 20, 2004
Swift Launch, Nov. 20, 2004

See here for my gripping tale of the launch.

Most of the photos I'll post here were scanned from prints on our home scanner. I'd love to have a dedicated film scanner, but can't afford it. It works OK with some photos, but has trouble with photos with large monochrome areas. It adds badly-colored lines to those: purple in very dark areas, greenish in large expanses of sky. Sometimes I can edit those out, but it's time-consuming and not always successful. My efforts to scan the prints of the Swift launch didn't work out too well.

But yesterday I was looking through some digital photos we had, and it turns out that we had scans done of some of our pictures at processing time, and I hadn't remembered! I had fiddled and fiddled with some pictures of Mt. Rainier to get them clean enough for wallpaper, and it turns out we had clean professional scans all the time! Grrr!

Anyhow, the Swift photos were among those that got scanned to CD, so I'm able to post one after all. This is still not the best scan in the world. Don't know why.

Now, wasn't that fascinating?

Sekrit message: Good luck!

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