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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Journalist Cries, Wets Self

Puffy girly-man Austro-Kiwi journalist Bruce Hill admits to fear during a piddling 7.8 quake:

Radio Australia journalist Bruce Hill said from Nuku'Alofa that locals told him they had never experienced an earthquake of such intensity.

"Honestly, it was like being on a ship at sea in a heavy storm. The whole building was rocking back and forth and I was really quite scared and a lot of people don't mind admitting they're really quite afraid," he said.

Why, that sounds quite restful, ya pansy. What's yer dear old dad the swabbie going to say about all this mincing and flailing, eh?

Via Murray "the tough brother" Hill, who's been known to hide under the cat during a mere 6.0.

UPDATE: A somewhat less formal report. Wetness confirmed.