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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Guardian Update

Two weeks ago I found that my humble, unassuming blog had been mentioned in the Guardian, in connection with some drivel I wrote on the subject of Charles and Camilla's visit to the U.S.

Well! Cool beans, eh? But what did they say? Niles refused to call and get his parents out of bed to drive to Milton Keynes and find an open newsagent, so I was stuck with the Guardian's digital edition. I could pay a pound and a half for twenty-four hours access, or I could wait until that issue was precisely two weeks old and get it for free.

I am dead broke and dirt cheap, and so I chose the latter option, and yesterday I made my spring, and downloaded the PDF. The mention appears in a little sidebar on p. 2, entitled "Today on the web: Charles and Camilla", and my portion reads:

What some newspapers have called the Un-Diana tour has so far failed to grip the country. "Are there Americans really give a damn about whether there's a Queen Camilla? As some of us keep pointing out, we fought a war to make sure we'd never have to care again."

[N.B. Only the words in quotes are mine.]

THAT'S IT? That's my quote?? I'm not complaining about the brevity, but the levity. This is the least funny bit in the whole post! I mean, the next two sentences are: "Surely you've read about it. It was in all the papers." Now that's funny. Unoriginal, but funny.

I was going to cease taunting them out of gratitude[*], but now that's all off. I shall continue to mock them like nobody's business. Leftist toads.

Thanks again to master Guardian baiter Scott Burgess for the heads-up.

[*]This is a lie.