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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Disasters, Natural and Otherwise

Fleeing the cyclone tyranny...hee hee, can't get enough of that...hapless refugees Angie and Niles drive a ragtag, fugitive rental car on a lonely quest: to see as much of the area as possible before returning home.

Our original plan, such as it was, was to drive the 450 miles to Tulsa, which was carefully chosen on the basis of being the location of the nearest hotel room Niles could find. I almost wish we'd gone there instead. Then there'd be no temptation to run around and see the exciting countryside, and we could spend the time in the hotel room, sleeping and watching the DVDs we brought and blogging and driving each other insane. Instead we feel compelled to get out and look around.

It's very beautiful here. I'm getting homesick for Silicon Valley, which is kind of like Issaquah, where we're staying. I'd move here. It's nice and cool and pretty and there are never any natural disasters, ever.

In other news, we went to Mt. St. Helens today...


Speaking of things disappearing without a trace, my blog seems to be missing. All I get when I load the URL is some restful white space, which many would count as an improvement, I'm sure. Perhaps it's blown itself to bits and is even now covering Wonkette, say, with three feet of fine, powdery, ash. I'd like to think that, anyway.

UPDATE: Well, that fixed it. Wonkette is safe. For now.