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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Attack of the Clonus

Unchain the lawyers!

A couple months ago, I wrote about a new movie, The Island, and its startling resemblance to an old movie, Parts: The Clonus Horror.

Last month, I posted an update noting that there was a movement on to give the writers of Clonus credit (*cough*) for The Island.

Now we see that the producers of Clonus are suing DreamWorks. They're asking the court to withdraw the movie from theaters, and they want part of the proceeds (which stand now at a whopping minus sixty-five million dollars, so they may want to reconsider that).

The SciFi article also noted a review in Premiere magazine:

...the first hour of
The Island plays like a much more expensive albeit scene-for-scene remake [of Clonus]. How this picture went through all of its phases of development and production without a single human being pointing out the rather uncanny plot similarities between the two pictures is something that, thanks to the good graces no doubt of the legal departments at Warner's and Dreamworks, we shall surely never, ever learn.

Muahahaha! Or perhaps we shall!

Reported by Special Correspondent Jack at Captain Yips Secret Journal, who's one of the last two people still reading this blog (I'm the other one).