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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Parts: The Update Horror

Back in May, I wrote about seeing a preview for the new movie The Island, and noted its strange similarity to the plot of 1979's Parts: The Clonus Horror.

Now The Agony Booth has taken notice, and reproduces a screed asking that people inform others ("Anyone from DreamWorks, any entertainment attorneys, and any reviewers who might be reviewing The Island when it comes out...") so that the writers of the original movie can get the blame -- er, credit -- they so richly deserve.

See also the Booth's detailed description of Parts, complete with nifty screen grabs. See! our lipless hero, Richard. See! his dull, tiny-nosed girlfriend, Lena. See! the skinny, creepy, hairy, tightly be-trunked Professor's son. Eww!

This is the kind of cool, smartass movie review if I had the time, the technology, and if I thought you, gentle reader, had the patience.

By the way, the car I called a "bitchin' Charger" is actually (according to page 6) a bitchin'...Lotus. Well, I was, er, wrong.

Ably spotted by Damian "Obviously Does Not Read My Blog So Why Am I Giving Him A Link?" Penny.