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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Blend, "The Prize", The Fizz

Oh, man! I meant to write about this days ago, and got busy.

Back in July I wrote about a song I used to like, back in high school (in the late Cretaceous). For years, I'd occasionally try to google up the lyrics, in hopes of finding the name of the song (and the band!), and maybe getting hold of a copy.

When the name of the band (The Blend) popped into my head out of nowhere one day, I was finally able to google up the name of the song (The Prize). Their work is not on CD, and so that's where things got left.

Until the other day, when I got email from Jamie Adams, who is in a band (The Fizz) with the sons of the late James Drown, one of The Blend. He gave me some information about "The Prize", including the lyrics. The first line is:

The night was black.

and immediately, after more than twenty-five years, the next line popped right into my head:

The moon was nowhere to be seen.

(My mind is filled with such trivia. If only I could use this power for Good. Or, at least, for Dough.)

So, yay Jamie! If you feel like it, go on over to The Fizz's site, listen to the songs, buy 'em if you like 'em. They're not generally my cup of tea, although I really liked (the apparently ironically-named) "Joie de Vivre" off their album Fink. (Not available through Amazon and suchlike.) (And he writes that they've recently broken up.)

If nothing else, go to the website and enjoy the nice graphics. Sample a drink recipe! Strangely, there is none for the sloe gin fizz.