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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Torture in a Wide Brown Land


A group of drunken off-duty police officers forced American students to kneel on the ground at their Fremantle dormitory while taunting and humiliating them about the United States involvement in Iraq.


Some of the worst behaviour was inflicted on patrons at the Orient Hotel, where one of the officers vomited across the bar after the drunken group was refused service.


[T]he abuse of the US students erupted after a fight at the Zanzibar nightclub.

During that incident, one of the seven WA [West Australian] officers, who are all from the Fremantle district, was allegedly assaulted by one of the American Notre Dame students and had a tooth knocked out.

Enraged, some of the drunken officers tracked the American down to the university's student accommodation.

It was there that several American students, including some who had nothing to do with the clash at the Zanzibar, were made to kneel on the ground and were humiliated.

It is understood the taunting included comments such as "Yankies[sic] go home", "What are you doing in our country" and "What are you doing in Iraq".

Unbearable humiliation! We must avenge this insult to our honor! All signs of the Australian oppressors must be purged from our country, like, uh, like...Fosters! Down with Fosters! And squash the Bananas in Pajamas! And...and...gig the Wiggles! And, um, and...well, I'll have to think about it.

I hope this incident has made it clear that the Australian experiment has been one hundred years of miserable failure. These actions show that Australian police are just another bunch of Southeast Asian thugs. Only the UN can possibly hope remedy the quagmire the British have made with their imperialist hegemonic wars. A Wheat-for-Food program must be set up right away.

Via Rantburg.