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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mystery Gift

Hmmm! This is odd. I got a box from Best Buy today: the documentaries Trekkies and Trekkies 2, on DVD. But there's nothing to say who sent it! I tried to look up the order status, but that requires a last name and the phone number listed with the credit card company. The list of suspects is very short; I suppose I could try each of their names and phone numbers in turn.

It will not be anybody reading this blog, because a) no one does, and b) they wouldn't know where to send stuff, and neither would Best Buy.

I have Trekkies on VHS already, but...well, that's on VHS. (I better start getting rid of all my tapes. Soon you won't be able to give 'em away.)

So, W00T! I guess. Until I track you down, whoever you are, this thank you (which you won't read) will have to do.

UPDATE: It was my brother. Got it on the first try. I'm a little disappointed the explanation was so prosaic. He did not mean to be incognito; he says Best Buy just goofed up.

Speaking of goof-ups, and free things in the mail, we got our order from the Swiss Colony the other day. We always go overboard and get a big ol' pile of sugary stuff, and a Beef Log, Baby (you know, once Michele posted this song -- can't find the exact post now -- and I thought that was a real story about her son; I don't watch South Park). Anyway, we found that they had not sent us an item, but did send us something we didn't ask for: Olde Worlde Cookiese.

Niles called them up to ask what the hell? (we wondered if maybe they were out of the booze-stuffed chocolates we ordered, and they sent these instead) and they said they just goofed, they'd send the hooch-truffles, and meantime we could keep the cookies. We don't like 'em, much, but we don't look free cookies in the mouth, either. We pop 'em in our mouths! Sweet!