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Friday, December 24, 2004

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Ah, looks as if we will have a white Christmas, or at least a white Christmas Eve. The weather has turned cold and snowy, and I bet we get two, maybe three millimeters before it's all done.

I live in Houston, where it rarely snows. It's snowing now, though, and there's a light dusting on the cars and rooftops. Some foolish natives are outside in the wind, marvelling at it. I made Niles take a picture of it, and that's as far as I'm willing to go.

It snowed here in January of '94, I remember, for about fifteen minutes. But that was during the day -- big wet flakes that barely survived contact with the ground.

I wish everyone a pleasant mid-winter work stoppage. Or, Merry Christmas, If That's OK.