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Monday, December 20, 2004

How Long Till It Becomes a Standard?

I think we have here the makings of the first Blogosphere Christmas carol. How promising is this line?:

oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness, they are so going to arrest me! this is going to be great blogfodder!

We can call it "Sarah's Christmas in Jail". Sample lyrics:

He gave me my present
Wrapped up all nice for me.
Said, "Don't peek at it, now!
Put it under your tree."

Well, I got to the airport,
And the lines were so long.
Thought, "I don't need to check in.
I can carry this on."


Down at my feet
There's a bomb-sniffing dog[*]
God, they're going to arrest me!
This'll be great on the blog!

Gotta call up my man
And arrange for my bail
How long will this take?
Is there WiFi in jail?


[*]Bomb-sniffing dog is artistic license, 'coz it rhymes with blog

This would make the perfect country-and-western song. (Steve Goodman, eat your heart out.)

I suggest we get someone competent, though. Maybe Dr. Frank can write the first punk C&W song.

Via the criminal element at Silent Running.