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Monday, November 29, 2004

Christmas Present Peeking in the 21st Century

Hey, kids! Here's a great new way to snoop out those Christmas presents before Christmas! First, it's essential that you use your parents' computer. Tell 'em yours is old and doesn't have framiwhoozis enabled; they'll never know the difference.

Next, go to and do a search on your favorite artists or albums, such as, oh, say, Martin Denny's Forbidden Island/Primitiva, which I'm sure is all the rage with the under-18 set.

If your parents have purchased this from Amazon, there'll be a big message at the top: [Your parent's name], you have purchased this item on [date].

Cool, huh? I found this out inadvertantly while using my boyfriend's computer to listen to some stuff, since mine doesn't have sound enabled. Ah, technology... You kids have it easy. We had to look for our presents at the back of the closet, underneath Dad's Playboy stash.