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Friday, October 08, 2004


Just saw Instantman on MSNBC's Countdown. I was lucky to catch it, since I only read Glenn's post about five minutes before he was on. That twerp from Daily Kos was also on, looking just terrible. Does he look like that always? Really, is he sick? Maybe it was just the lighting. Scott Johnson from Powerline rounded out the cast.

But I don't have anything to say about their performances. It was Keith Olbermann who needs his posterior checked. When introducing the new JibJab cartoon, "Good to Be in DC" (sung to the tune of "Dixie"), he said something like, "This time it's not based on Woody Guthrie, but on Stephen Foster." But Foster did not write "Dixie", Daniel Decatur Emmett did! Take that, lumbering Old Media dinosaur!

(As for the cartoon: it was funny, but I'd hoped to get through the campaign without seeing John Edwards's animated butt cheeks.)