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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Cuddly Killer

Lileks remarks on a Che Guevara doll he found in a card store. It's not like Lileks to miss a trick in googling a link, but he does. So I did it for him.

Here's a site where you can buy the Che doll:

Che Guevara Doll will please the most ardent revolutionary. Che Guevara stands about 15" tall but he still towers above much larger dolls.

Ah, post-modern ironic attitude. Har!

Che's part of the Little Stink -- oh, I mean -- Little Thinkers series of dolls, which includes Einstein, Freud, and artists like Monet, Kahlo, and Van Gogh, who I did not realize classed as "thinkers". ("Little Thinkers" might refer to the people who buy them in the belief that they're intellectuals, I suppose.)

The Einstein doll is cute:

Albert Einstein Doll is one gift you don't have to be an Einstein to appreciate! Our Einstein doll stands about 15" tall. Toss him around faster than the speed of light and he"ll land before you thow him!

He looks extremely irritated at the prospect.

I want a Nietzsche doll. Nietzsche -- or Stalin, take your pick. Could also be Hitler if you squint. There's also a Karl Marx.

The Freud doll plays music, just in case he wasn't creepy enough.

Hey, everybody, meet WEB Dubois, guest-starring on South Park!