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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Avast Ye Lubbers, and Prepare to Be Bored!

Arr, maties. And once again it be the 19th of September: Talk Like a Pirate Day. I was thinking that all me bloggy maties had forgotten it, but I see that Long Island lubber Michele has posted about the pirate Dan Rather. ("S. S. Memo" har har har, that'd be a good 'un.)

Arr, now there's a poor excuse for a pirate, lorlumme. Forgery is a chancy game, and it don't pay beans. Stick to plunder and kidnap fer ransom, ye great walrus. That's where the loot be.

Ye might have got to wonderin' where it was I was keepin' meself. Well, I wasn't. Some others were keepin' me. I was bein' held captive by some scurvy dogs somewhere near the Great Orion Nebula. Nice scenic spot it is, but the radiation is a might thick.

Arr, what's that ye say? Well these be space pirates, o'course. Be ye dense? I sent up a distress signal, but it'll take about 1500 years for it to get back here, as I shoulda recalled. Arrr, bloody light.

Anyways, what with takin' my revenge and gettin' caught up on the backlog o' floggins, I might not be postin' reg'lar. I'll give it the ol' pillage try, though.