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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Rank Acting Identified

And now, a movie update.

An old friend of JKRank's, Jeff Crawley, has come forth to identify JKRank's role in Dragon Storm, which I was unable to do. He was the captain of King Wednesday's guard. He (and some other guards) go out hunting with Princess Medina and come across our pretty-eyed hero, Silas, in the woods. Seeing that he has King Fastrad's ring, they suspect him of being a thief. The princess orders him arrested, and the guard captain takes him by the scruff of the neck. In short order, however, the guards get their butts kicked and it remains for the princess to get the drop on Silas with a cross-bow. I believe the guard captain was also freed with Wednesday when the dragon-slaying team retook the castle from Fastrad's army, but I can't be sure.

When JKRank was the driver of the submarine Jimmy Carter in Deep Shock, his hair looked very dark (and he looked very young), so in Dragon Storm I looked for a tall, young, dark-haired guy. I didn't see one that matched JKRank's description of his role. When he put his picture on his "About Me" page, I thought, "Huh, he looks kinda like that one guard. But much geekier." And now Jeff Crawley has confirmed it. Thanks, Jeff!

By the way, this sort of thing wouldn't be a problem if TV movies didn't have their credits shrunken to sub-atomic size to make way for more commercials. Movies used to have just a few titles at the end. Now they make extra-sure they acknowledge everyone down to the pizza deliverers, but shrink it so that you can't read their names without an electron microscope.

I guess there are no small roles, only small print.