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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Crucial Terrorist Vote

Charles Johnson lets us know that the John Kerry has picked up the all-important mujahideen endorsement:

"If John Kerry wins the election and withdraws the Americans troops from Iraq, and maybe just leaves a few in bases, then we will not fight. But Bush we will always fight."

So says a young member of the "Army of Mohammed".

After the first Gulf War, I read a quote from a random Iraqi woman. The US elections were nigh, and she was quoted as saying, "I would cut off my baby's head and eat it, if it would make Bush lose the election."

(I tried to google up this quote, but no luck. Can you believe "cut off my baby's head" turned up not a single hit?)

Now, I voted for Clinton in that election, but strangely enough I did not do so because this woman's declaration made me realize how mean Big George had been to the Iraqis.

So, I guess my point is that we've seen this before, and it has nothing to do with Kerry.

Bush, of course, lost the '92 election. Wonder if that woman ever made good on her threat.