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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

President Blasts Dixie Chicks

O Courage! O Bravery! Thy name is Dixie Chick. It's the Fearless Trio, again, spitting in the very eye of George W. Hitler.

Says Natalie Maines:

"I think people were misled, and I think people are fighting a war that they didn't know they were going to be fighting...And I think they were misled by people who should have been asking questions and weren't."

When some lackey (probably from Fox News) asked George Bush---President of the United States, Conqueror of Afghanistan and Iraq, Crusher of Dissent, and Destroyer of Worlds---his reply to such heroic statements, he thundered out the following denunciation:

They can say what they want to say. ... they shouldn't have their feelings hurt just because some people don't want to buy their records when they speak out. I mean ... you know, freedom is a two-way street.


Risking certain transportation to Ashcroft's secret gulags deep in the heart of Palm Springs, the Chicks boldly shot back:

Emily Robison said Mr. Bush "wasn't standing up for the principles that our country are founded on."

Martie Maguire said he basically was saying, "You got what you deserved" and "This is what's going to happen if you keep speaking out."

How long until the Chicks' emaciated corpses are rotting in a trench grave somewhere? Be of good heart, Natalie, Emily, and Martie, for when the Revolution comes we will melt down Bush's 50-foot golden statues, and recast them in your images! Hospitals, elementary schools, and sanitary landfills shall be christened in your honor, and your names will ring down through the ages, when "Bush" will mean just a short tree.

Men of the 4th ID in Tikrit now a-bed will hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speak of the Dixie Chicks.