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Friday, September 12, 2003


On September 11, in solemn remembrance of the day, I went to a luau.

This wasn't exactly my idea. The hotel puts on a luau several nights a week, and since Niles's conference ends today, they had the hotel's luau as their conference dinner. All week long we have been thinking "the luau is Thursday", without equating Thursday with September 11.

I wanted to attend some sort of remembrance ceremony, but the Maui News did not mention any. There was a minute's silence at Niles's meeting, and he told me this was supposed to coincide with a statewide three minutes' silence at 8:46am. I did not hear of this until later.

By 8:46am, I was on my way to Haleakala, the great volcano that makes up the eastern part of the island. At the park entrance was my first reminder of the day: their flag flew at half mast against a dazzling tower of cloud. I took a picture. I'd post it if I could. Stupid blog.

This will probably be the last day of fast internet access until I return home.