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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Let's Hear It for the Boy

In other blog news, longtime LGF pest Hans ze Beeman has got hisself a blog. He has to show off his fancy Yurrpeen ejumacation by calling it Cum Grano Salis, which I'm pretty sure is sumpin dirty in one o' them furrin-type languages. (His little icon in the URL bar is an eye; I'd be careful about getting the granos of salis in my eye, if I was him.)

Hans blew into LGF a while back and started spouting some "Oh, you Americans are all ____, why don't you wake up and ____" and suchlike uninformed drivel. (I've forgotten the details.) Then the assembled threw cites at him and he responded with increasing good grace until now he is a staunch anti-Idiotarian. Behold, the power of cheese---no, wait, I mean---the Internet!

(Unless that other Hans was another guy entirely, in which case I offer profuse apologies.)

Go over and annoy him. (And ask him why his ads are selling dog drugs. I think Blogspot's software is taking the drugs itself. This would explain much.)