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Friday, April 11, 2003

More on the Agonist

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Sean-Paul Kelley. It ran on the back page of the "Houston" section, which is the lifestyles section (p 14D). In other words, it was behind the comics, on arguably the very back page of the paper.

I don't think it tells us anything we didn't already know. There's a slight local connection in that he is a '93 graduate of the University of Houston, with a degree in history.

The more interesting bit is this:

Keith Woods, the reporting, writing and editing group leader at the media think tank Poynter Institute, says that if a Web site is acting in a journalistic fashion, it should follow all rules of journalism such as accuracy and fairness. Once you step out of that realm, there are still rules that apply to lying and deception, he says... Woods says [blogs'] credibility must be carefully weighed. For example, a Web log attached to a news organization is more likely to be accurate, he says.

Enjoy a hearty laugh at that last sentence.

UPDATE MORE THAN SIX MONTHS LATER: News organization, dammit, news. Not new organization. I've fixed it. I'm stupid. Oh well.