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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Vidal Buffoon

Another fellow I can regard with contempt unsullied by pity is Gore Vidal, here drooling on the radio:

"I don't see us winning the war," lefty writer Gore Vidal told WABC Radio's Batchelor and Alexander late Thursday. "We have made enemies of one billion Muslims," he added.


"As dumb as this administration is, they don't look ahead," he told the WABC Radio duo. "They don't know where any countries are. They don't know how to make deals. They don't really know much about anything. There is no plan."

That's right, not only Bush but Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, and Rice have no idea where any countries are. They couldn't find Canada on a map of North America. If they could, they'd probably invade it.

"Whatever Saddam has that might be atrocious - mustard gas, pox, viruses - we will ensure that he uses it."

That is, he'll use those WMDs he doesn't have.

Vidal is also a big believer in the war-for-oil conspiracy theory, telling WABC, "Now you have people [in Washington] who have no interest in the country at all. They're interested in their companies, their corporations grabbing Caspian oil."

Psst! Gore! This is Iraq, not Afghanistan! Iraq = Iraqi oil. Afghanistan = Caspian oil pipeline. Jeez!

(Via Hollywood Halfwits.)

Then there's his appearance in Spain's Vanguardia (via an Argentine paper), as reported by John of Iberian Notes. He bubbles over with conspiracy theories about oil and September 11, then insists he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories. I was going to translate the article and post more of it, but it's available to registered users only.

John says:

Vidal is accusing the leaders of the United States of conspiring for the benefit of the oil industry. He is saying that they are guilty of war crimes and corruption and abuse of power, since going to war to steal another country's resources is obviously not a just war...Remember: saying "No blood for oil" is saying that the United States, British, Spanish, Italian, Australian, and Eastern European governments are international war criminals. That's a very serious charge to make and I am disgusted that so many people are making it so lightly. But not surprised.

(Emphasis in original.)

Not to mention the fact that most of these idiots don't seem to believe that Bush is going to seize the oil for the US, but for himself and his oil cronies. And all those other governments are helping him.

Now go to COINTELPRO Tool, which links to a transcript of a CNN interview with Vidal. At one point Vidal hints that the interviewer, Tucker Carlson, needs a remedial reading class. Carlson keeps throwing it back in his face. Vidal asks Carlson's name, then tells him he likes his tie. Later he calls Carlson "Mr. Bow Tie".

Vidal's thesis is one that you can find in any group of deep-thinking, drug-addled college freshman: that we set up the Taliban to fight the Russians, and we signed a contract for a pipeline but they "went crazy" so we had to have an "excuse" to take them out, and Bin Laden was the excuse. He says that even though he believes Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, he was still the excuse to take out the Taliban. See, we were going to hit the Taliban in October anyway, to make them let us put a pipeline in. (Oh, and the major consumer for the pipeline oil was going to be China.) But my favorite part is this, which Carlson quotes from Vidal's book, Dreaming War: Blood For Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta:

This is probably why geography has not really been taught since World War II -- to keep people in the dark as to where we are blowing things up. Because Enron wants to blow them up. Or Unocal, the great pipeline company, wants a war going some place."

Carlson tells Vidal that it seems a little far-fetched to think that Enron controls what gets taught in schools.

Vidal: Well, it would, but I think you've got to take into account that the people who do the educating are also the people who steal money from us like Enron. Like this administration.

CARLSON: How does Enron control the schools?

VIDAL: How does Enron control the schools? It siphons up so much money for itself as does the war machine that it's in collusion with.

Let's see, Enron---travelling back in time forty years before its founding---sucked up all the money out of the treasury which would otherwise go to education, thereby cutting out geography classes so that that people would not know that Unocal wants wars all over the world, because as we all know political instability is the best thing in the world for the profitable extraction and transportation of oil.

But it's not a conspiracy theory, remember that.