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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Shiny Side Out

In a shockingly appropriate gesture, a bunch of anti-war protesters showed up at a US base in Britain clad in tinfoil.

Here's a notice about the "Foil the Base" protest.

Menwith Hill plays a crucial role in war on Iraq. As the largest electronic monitoring station in the world it picks up communications from satellites covering the Middle East it even won an award for its eavesdropping in the last Gulf War. It is the brains of any attack on Iraq.

Menwith is also a key base for the project of long-term military aggression - Star Wars.

To foil the base disrupt satellite signals at the base - there has to be as much foil in the air as possible. Bring foil kites, foil balloons, foil puppets and use your imagination!

"Remember, satellites control GPS-guided bombs. When the satellites can't communicate with the ground, the bombs go off course, and you know what that means. Right! More Iraqi corpses for our cause! Hurray!

To be safe, we should wear our foil at all times. It keeps those Zionist Nazi weather-producing mind control rays from communicating with the chips they've implanted in our bums."

If I find a photo, I'll link to it.

Courtesy Mark Holland, commenting on LGF.