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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Do Cheetos Never Prosper?

Dave Barry, being a Real Journalist, has contacts throughout the shadowy world of snack foods, so he got an email from Bryce Wilson, who bought the giant Cheeto. When I blogged about this last week, I said that he'd bought it for "no adequately-explained reason". I stand by that statement.

I predict that in the future, "he bought the giant Cheeto" will become shorthand
for "he spent a great deal of money on a dubious scheme to bring fame and/or fortune".

Here's my favorite part:

Because, by displaying the Cheeto in a temple, I will be taking a large portion of food out of circulation, I've decided to put some back in. I'm now raising money for the local food pantry, all in the name of the Cheeto.

In the Name of the Cheeto, the Pop-Tart, and the Holy Ding Dong, let us pray...

Via Ken Layne.