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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Naked Oz 2: The Fruition

Well, I wrote the other day about the call for Australian women to declare that their bodies were more useful than their minds, and strip nude for peace. Here is the awful result. They got 750 women to show up, many more times what they needed, so only a chosen few got to spell out "No War", and the others got to form a heart around them. Oh, for cute! Hmm, but it looks like only the whitest of them got to actually spell the letters with the Dark Pink People being relegated to the margins. Well, I'm sure that's just a trick of the light.

Here's a Sydney Morning Herald article about it, which doesn't have a picture.

In related news, not nearly as many women volunteered to strip down and spell out NO BUSH in the snow in Central Park, so instead they had to spell N<> bUSH. Here's a CNN report, also missing a photo.

I'll leave the puerile jokes to the puerile professionals. I'll just point out that these latter women have (perhaps) inadvertantly put their fingers or other body parts on the true target: Bush. Not "No War" but "No Bush". If Clinton or Gore were in the White House, war would be just peachy.

The Australian picture says NO SALES beneath it. I'm sure that won't be a problem. It also says NO ARCHIVE, so I'm glad nobody did.

Woo! Michele has an additional picture of the Central Park protest, plus a song. Word.