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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Free Clues Here

I hope Bruce Rolston continues with his "No Clue" series, so we can all examine the perfectly understandable reasons why "they" hate "us":


Possibly the first in a series... here's today's haul:

"Fuck 'em all and let the tanks roll." -- Steven Den Beste

"I guess they [the Kurds] have the common decency to keep their tablecloths on their dining room tables instead of wearing them on their heads in the shape of historic Kurdistan." -- Lawrence Simon, on William Quick's site.

Maybe Charles Johnson should turn his constant search for expressions of irrational race-hatred to the American Wahhabi bloggers once in a while, too. It's getting kind of caustic in here lately.


Now, Den Beste's quote came on the end of an update to a (typically) long post about the new UN resolution, after I don't know how many posts of even greater length on Den Beste's precise positions on the UN, Iraq, and, well, everything under the sun. In particular, Den Beste is expressing his frustration with the UN's refusal to enforce its own decrees. I don't know who Bruce thinks Steven wants to fuck, but it's the other members of the Security Council.

As for Laurence's alleged comment, Bruce doesn't see fit to give an exact link, Google doesn't come up with it, nor does a search on Daily Pundit. I suppose Bruce is referring to the simply terribly racist and hate-filled notion that the headdresses worn by some Middle-Eastern men resemble checkered tablecloths.

I suppose Bruce doesn't need to be told that Yasser Arafat's own headdress (I'd call it what it is, but I don't know what it's called) is (supposedly) draped over one shoulder in his unique fashion so as to take the shape of Israel, which is to say, all of Israel. I suppose that could be entirely accidental, although I don't believe I've ever seen him wear it any other way. Perhaps he doesn't want his ear exposed on that side, or something.

Anyhow---no reasonable person would deny that frustration with the UN and japes about tablecloths add up to "expressions of irrational race-hatred", and are the very sorts of grievances which drove the 9/11 hijackers to their regrettable (but completely understandable) frenzy.

Well done, Bruce, for identifying that.

UPDATE: Now with the added power of links.