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Thursday, February 27, 2003


Speaking of the ol' US=Roman Empire wheeze (as Mailer was in the previous post)---I've grown more than a little tired of that cliche. From now on, I'm going to tediously moan and bitch wherever I encounter it, just like Gato does with "drumbeat of war".

In fact, I urge everyone to adopt a cliche to spank whenever the media coughs it up. Some cliches needing a home:

root causes
rush to war
it's all about the oil (though everyone seems to have adopted this)
Arab street

When the war is over, though, your little cliches will be grown and out of your hair. Mine is evergreen. If I were getting paid for this, I'd be set for life.

UPDATE: Oh, and here's a cliche I want taken out back and shot. From Dumb Celebs comes a tale of Janeane Garofalo. Save your outrage about her statements for Dumb Celebs, I'm after the magazine writer in this linked article, who writes of Garofalo:

You might also think she had an attitude, the kind that comes from having been too clear-sighted while growing up in a white-and-weird suburban New Jersey with a Republican dad and a Democrat mom...

Give me a break. "Yeah, I grew up on the mean streets of Levittown, where everyone was so...ewww...white. It was tough. My mom drove a station wagon. My dad was a Republican, for god's sake. You couldn't buy Village Voice in the drug store. I was warped by that experience."

The horror.