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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Who Wants Candy?

Jebus. Niles and I ordered up a bunch of Swiss Colony goodies for ourselves for Christmas. But they're not due until the 19th, so last week, while we were buying something for my sister-in-law, we got ourselves a box of fancy candies. My mother tells me she's baking today, making the special Christmas treats she knows I'll love. So we're all set for Christmas.

So what did we get in the mail yesterday? A huge package from my grandmother: five tins of Danish butter cookies and a gallon of ice cream. That's not what's in the containers, of course. It was homemade Grandma-goodies---sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Grandma's special Chinese noodle cookies, and some pecan-caramel-chocolate candies she's never made before. Urp.

I'm wondering if she didn't get confused and send all the things she'd baked for all her grandkids and great-grandkids. Or maybe that's all the goodies she baked for me over the last three years, and couldn't send me. Australia is very strict about the kind of things you can import, and anything with milk---and that would include chocolate---is Right Out. Hope she didn't save those up for three years.

The worst part is, almost everything has nuts in it. Niles can't eat nuts, so I have to consume them all. I'd stick them in the freezer, but that's full of bagels.

I could email you guys some, if I could just squeeze them into the wires here. Nobody touches the pecan thingies, though.