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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Voting Weather

According to The Corner, "top Republican insiders" are saying that bad weather in the South, including Houston, will depress voter turnout.

Well, here in Houston it's finally clearing after days and days of rain. Hopefully this will give people to urge to go out and gad about in the sunshine, and vote while they're at it.

Corner's weird today. It looks different and this post is allegedly from Kathryn Jean Lopez. It says:

Jonah: My own problem with e-mail death threats stopped around the time I posted my Suffolk County pistol license photograph on the web. Just a thought.
Posted by Kathryn at 11:17 AM

Now if you click on the photo link you see the image of an elderly, shriveled man, quite possibly a psycho (as the caption implies). He has a tiny, tiny mouth which hangs open and probably drools a lot. So that's what Kathryn Lopez looks like!

Naw, it's what John Derbyshire looks like.

Clicking through the photographs on that page is very amusing. Derb seems incapable of holding his mouth shut (now I'll find he has some mild but embarrassing congenital defect and I'll feel bad for having mentioned it). This picture makes him look like my dad in his younger days, what with the square jaw and the receding hairline and the glasses. He might have even worn that jacket. In 1962.

He has a nice-looking wife. Looking through these pictures, I suspect that the words, "Oh, John! You are not going to wear that?!" are often heard in the Derbyshire household.

UPDATE: Oh, well, doh! The reason the Corner looked weird is because I was looking at the archives page without realizing it. On the main page, you see that the item was posted by Derbyshire. On the archives page, everything seems to be posted by Kathryn or Jonah. This must cause no end of confusion.