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Thursday, November 07, 2002

My Name in sLight

Oh, I'm so proud.

On November 1, Best of the Web had another selection of names from the "Not in Our Name" petition, among them:

Myrna Rachel Burkholder, "Michiana Dylsexia Correction Center"

Now, this is a moderately funny name, and some might be amused at the occupation, but it didn't look like a fake name. So I did some googling and found that there really is a Myrna Burkholder at the Michiana Dyslexia Correction Center.

Ever helpful, I wrote James Taranto to point this out. I also said I didn't know why he was poking fun at the obviously fake names when some of the real occupations and associations were a lot funnier. For example (from my email):

Mihel Aeildrhondel, Aeildrhondelin Nation
Jacques Aizac, (check it out; don't say you weren't warned)
Lisa Lynn Alyson, self-made thinker

Taranto wrote back---must have a lot of time on his hands---pointing out that Ms. Burkholder had written Dylsexia, rather than Dyslexia.

Doh! I wrote to apologize, blaming my sexlydia which causes me to see misspelled words as correctly spelled. Doggone it!

In today's Best of the Web, Taranto does another NION listing, and mentions Mr. Aeildrhondel.

(Aeildrhondel of the Elves! Brother to Aeilaevatour and Rhuttere, all rulers of Aeiroplayhn in the Kingdom of Skye!)

So I look to see if there's the slightest possibility he's mentioned my name, and there I am:

Elizabeth Crowley helps compile Best of the Web Today. Thanks to Allen Thorpe...blahblahblah...Angle Schultz...

I went to get Niles, tearing him away from his taped "Survivor" episode.

Niles, I'm so proud. I'm in the Wall Street Journal.
Are you an anonymous "internet essayist"?
Did they call you "darkblogules"?
Did they call you by name?
Well...sort of...
I showed him my name.
I'm an angle. I wonder what kind of angle I should be. I'd better think of a good one.
Obviously, you are an obtuse angle.

Guess who will be cooking his own damn dinner tomorrow.

(It occurs to me that Taranto did this on purpose, what with the dyslexia and all. It also occurs to me that this is the only way in which Damian Penny has not misspelled my name.)