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Saturday, November 09, 2002

Lodestar of the Left

Everyone's linking to this Victor Davis Hanson article on how the Left is showing that its passion for progressive issues is not as strong as its hatred of America. A sample:

And what one has to conclude from the present venom is that anti-Americanism is neither logical nor empirical. Indeed, it is a fundamentalist secular religion, not a reasoned stance, one entirely inconsistent and unpredictable in its choice of friends and foes - except for one constant: Whatever America does, it hates.

Ah, but Chomsky Pirate said it first. I don't know who Chomsky Pirate is/was, or how he came to envision Chomsky as a pirate, or what sort of substances he uses recreationally. I do know that he wrote funny, bizarre posts at an average rate of two a month for four months, ending in August.

Maybe Chomsky-bashing got tiring (surely not after only four months?); maybe he got sick o' talkin' like a pirate, though it'd sure take me a lot longer'n that. Arrr! Talkin's one thing; writin's another. Trainin' these here electrons to drop their g's is like furlin' the mainsail in a squall, with the toe ropes gone. Arrr!

Ahem. Anyway, Chomsky Pirate's insight comes as a result of a woman asking him what Americans could do to get their country---"the birthplace of evil"---on the right track. Chomsky Pirate's reply:

How do you decide if yer ship is pointing the right direction? You could look at the stars, but they're mighty far away - specially if you've got but one eye. Best instead to look at which way that scum-ship America is pointing and set sail in the opposite direction. For we all know America's a'headed to ruin.

So what would happen if America turned around? Well, ruin would turn right around with it!

So if yer keen on staying true if America turns sail, make sure as to keep an eye on the ever changing compass of correctness: opposition to America.

Arrr! Words o' wisdom from an experienced sailor of the Sea of Vapors.