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Friday, November 22, 2002

Free at Last!

Finally this page is ad free! I didn't want to go the Pay Pal route (maybe when I get a fresh new credit card solely for Net use), so I sent them a check. Or, rather, I had Niles send them one, in late June. Then he came to Australia to help me move, and when we got to Houston at the end of July, we saw that the envelope had been returned---bad address.

Pyra had moved, see, and they hadn't updated the web page. So I got the new address, and sent them a new check in August (I think). They finally cashed it in October. The bank statement fell behind a desk or something (yeah, that's it) so I just noticed a couple days ago that they'd cashed it. I used the new Blogger Control help thingy, and it now says the issue is "resolved" and the ad's off. Huzzah! Thanks, guys.

I'd complain about the service, but, hey, it's cheap.