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Saturday, November 30, 2002

A Correction

Jack Robertson, former[?] blogger, writes to tell me I have erred in this post where I call him a "proud Robert Fisk acolyte". He says I have confused him with Margo.

I did some searching, and it appears he was right. I vaguely remember him saying something like this:

Everyone has their heroes, and one of mine is Robert Fisk. I was proud to be mentioned in the same sentence as him.

But that was, as Robertson says, Margo Kingston (also reported by Tim Blair, who is not as confused as I was).

I also may have confused him somehow with Tim Palmer, mentioned in this Blair post, though heaven knows how.

That Margo post required digging through a lot of web pages, and it was a bit difficult to keep track of who said what where. I remember wanting to double-check this very point, and thought I had. But I was mistaken.

My sincere apologies to Jack, and to any others who were misled.

Many thanks for the correction, Jack. I will update that previous post as well.