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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Sure Sticks in Your Crawford

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mrs. Bandar and the little Bandars are visiting with his Princeness and the Prez. One can't help wanting to be a fly on the wall there. Does Mrs. Bandar wear her burqa? Is Laura forced to cover her shameful whore-hair? Do the little Bandars wear their Baby Suicide Bomber outfits to dinner?

Ha ha. I make stupid bigoted jokes. I'm sure Mrs. Bandar's a neurosurgeon/fighter pilot, and the little Bandars thoroughly Westernized and meek as lambs until they get back to Saudi Arabia. After all, the Prince is a cosmopolitan man; according to Ari Fleischer (in the linked article), he "speaks English better than most Americans." Ya mean, like your boss, Ari? And his papa?

Anyway, the point is that it strikes me as odd that the happy Bandar family are all out at the ranch. Maybe they're going to defect. Maybe they're the first of the rats to leave the sinking ship. Remember, you heard it hear first!