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Thursday, August 22, 2002


Meryl Yourish links to a good response to Canadian wanker W.R. McDougall, who wrote a foaming anti-American screed the other day. Meryl marvels that the response came from Metafilter. I don't have much to say about the Canada-screed, or about the response Meryl mentions, but I was very much amused by some of the indignant children on Metafilter. In particular, there was one calling itself Hilfy who managed to distill every quasi-religious eco-doomsayer who ever lived. Even the other posters noted this, telling her (I'll assume it's a her; it sounds like a woman) that she sounds like she hates herself and every one else in the world. I shall paraphrase Hilfy's comments:

"How can you eat a Big Mac knowing that it contains hormone-soaked beef and genetically-modified wheat and pesticide-flooded lettuce and salt and sugar and fat and DHMO and that McDonald's purposely makes their food taste good so that you'll want more of it and they don't give a shit about you and they keep giving you more and more for less and less money just to hook you in just like drug dealers and you think it's cheap but it's not when you're 92 you'll feel everyone of those Big Macs on your body and your soul...

In fact how can you eat at all knowing that every morsel you take is snatched from the bleeding lips of the starving poor and yet you grow fat off it cause it tastes good food ought not to taste good it ought to taste horrible so that you gag and choke on it and hate every crumb you put in your mouth and when the hunger pangs come you can feel happy because this is how humans are meant to feel this is how 99% of the worlds humans feel all the time every day and you can laugh at the pain and sickness and feel glad that you are fulfilling your natural human purpose but not too glad because thats unnatural...

And how can you breathe knowing that every breath is ripped from the lungs of the poor unfortunates in Afghanistan who lie bleeding in the dirt because of the filthy actions of our criminally stupid government which took the peaceful green land of Afghanistan which had never known war before and turned it into a slaughterhouse that hitler could only fantasize about all because Bush and his cronies want the vast oceans of oil that lie under afghanistan and all the oil in the world besides...

I know how you eat and sleep and breathe its because you are all sheep you know nothing about these things you care nothing about the poor people whose lives our evil government has been torturing for centuries just so you can have your big macs and playstations and hula hoops and fax machines---you should be more like me i'm aware i know whats going on i've read things and seen things and i know all about what's going on behind the surface and how everything you think is wrong but we can't say that we're not allowed to say that because dissent is squashed in the country the constitution is a joke and there is no freedom of speech and i've been saying that for twenty years telling people over and over again but no one will believe me...

At least i'm doing something---i'm not going to some poor starved land foisting our western notions of agriculture and medicine and food and democracy upon them---but i'll sit at this computer and harangue you all until you admit that i'm right and holier and purer than you are because i care so much so very very much about all the poor poor people and that makes me better than you cause you're a bunch of pathetic snivelling sheep who grind the unfortunates of the world underneath your iron boots and WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING TO ME YOU AWFUL HATEFUL MONSTERS I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG AND DEATH HATE DEATH DESTRUCTION BLOOD DEATH PAIN DEATH AND DEATH!!!"

Come to think of it, that's exactly what McDougall wrote.