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Sunday, August 11, 2002

One Man's Varmint...

I promised something happy and fun, and was afraid I'd come up dry, but The Color of Thieves (huh?) comes to the rescue, with a picture of a prairie dog trying to keep cool on a Tokyo street. Naturally they want to know what a prairie dog is doing on a street in Tokyo. (Trying to keep cool, man, can't you read?) I wondered that myself. The Web is great. I can't think how we got along without it, when we probably never would have learned that prairie dogs are popular as pets in Japan.

This site is in Japanese, but you can see that it's part of a prairie dog web ring (the mind boggles). There are also apparently white prairie dogs (beware of sound---I don't have sound support enabled, thank god, so all I get is an annoying error message). Don't go to this site. No, no don't. Don't be tempted. I have warned you! The background will haunt your dreams. You will wake up screaming. Save yourselves!

UPDATE: Drat. The full horror of that last site does not appear if you are using Netscape 6.2. There's an animation that doesn't seem to run under that version.