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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Go Ressurect Yourself

Allegedly, a "little girl" who opened up her Christmas iPod instead got a dimwitted mini-screed which read:

Reclaim your mind from the media's shackles. Read a book and ressurect [sic] yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple store.

In my experience, people who tell me to read, learn, or think are almost invariably less well-informed than I am. And no one poorer than I has ever suggested that I make do with less (well, except for Grandma).

Not much info at the link, except that the iPod was purchased at a Wal-Mart, whose manager said, Huh, we had one of those the other day.

At Endgadget, several people have pointed out that the note had to have been produced on a capitalistic computer of some sort. Nuh uh! say others, that's a typewriter. (Which were apparently hand-made by dwarves, and therefore not capitalistic at all.)

Kiddies, that's not a typewriter. That's a font designed to badly mimic typewriting for effect. It was produced on a computer. (Although if you said that it was done by impressing individual letter sorts or wooden stamps onto the paper, I could maybe buy that, too.)

Via Hot Air.